Temperature Control of Lithium-ion Battery Packs under High-Current Abuse Conditions
Menale, Carla
Bubbico, Roberto

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Menale C., Bubbico R., 2023, Temperature Control of Lithium-ion Battery Packs under High-Current Abuse Conditions, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 99, 175-180.


Li-ion batteries are being widely used as power sources in a continuously increasing number of applications (from portable devices to electric vehicles and even more complex systems). Nonetheless these components are still characterized by serious concerns connected with their safety and stability, which often hinder their more widespread use. In particular, their operation is strictly dependent on their temperature which derives from the balance between the heat internally produced during operation and that dissipated towards the external environment. Beyond certain temperatures a thermal runaway can occur with possible dangerous events, such as fires and explosions.
In the present paper, 3D simulations have been carried out to investigate the cooling efficiency of an air flow, under different operating conditions, on a cylindrical Li-ion cell located in a whole battery pack. Under the investigated configurations, it was found that, beyond a minimum value of the passing air velocity, it is possible to keep the cell within safe conditions, thus preventing a thermal runaway.