Evaluation of the Stability of a Biodetergent for Industrial Use
Freire Soares Da Silva, Rita de C.
Cavalcanti Souza, Thais
Barbosa Farias, Charles B.
Gomes de Almeida, Fabiola C.
Da Silva, Ivison A.
Sarubbo, Leonie Asfora

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Freire Soares Da Silva R. de C., Cavalcanti Souza T., Barbosa Farias C.B., Gomes de Almeida F.C., Da Silva I.A., Sarubbo L.A., 2023, Evaluation of the Stability of a Biodetergent for Industrial Use, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 99, 481-486.


In the industrial setting, it is common to use toxic oils and petroderivates, which are difficult to remove. For the cleaning of machines, equipment, and other surfaces impregnated with these oils, industries use products with high cost and that, many times, are also toxic and harmful to the health of workers and the environment. In this context, natural detergents/degreasers, formulated from renewable/sustainable sources, have been developed. Therefore, this work aimed to optimize the visual and stability characteristics of a non-toxic biodetergent in the face of large-scale production. In this sense, was avaluated the variation in the concentration of the stabilizing gum (0.7, 0.8, and 1.0 1.5%), one of the main components of the formulation and the agitation times (10, 15, 20 and 25 minutes). The volume of batchs was 250 liters in an industrial homogenizer tank with agitation of 3500 rpm at 80 °C.