Modeling the Glucose Concentration for the Recombinant E.coli Bioprocesses
Kemesis, Benas
Urniezius, Renaldas
Vaitkus, Vygandas
Survyla, Arnas
Simutis, Rimvydas
Babilius, Povilas
Zlatkus, Lukas

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Kemesis B., Urniezius R., Vaitkus V., Survyla A., Simutis R., Babilius P., Zlatkus L., 2023, Modeling the Glucose Concentration for the Recombinant E.coli Bioprocesses, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 99, 589-594.


This article presents the sophisticated-to-date carbon mass balance for fed-batch E.coli bioprocesses. The model originates from the distribution of carbon mass from glucose in biomass, off-gas, and hypothetical solutes. The suggested model complements Pirt's equation as a particular case scenario. The approach uses the linear relationship between biomass carbon content per carbon grams in glucose and average cell population age. The carbon balance brings two potential practical benefits. First, it has the potential to assess the type of cell metabolism pathway and to have a soft sensor for the concentration of dissolved products such as acetates. The measure of glucose concentration suggests another finding, assuring the reliance on off-gas information only. The paper introduces an average carbon content ratio in biomass and off-gas, with numerical values of 0.5 in growth-limiting experiments and 0.27 in nonlimiting ones, which may serve as a decision-making criterion for metabolic pathway detection in the future.