Cold Brewing Process to Produce Light Beer
Raniero, Ghiovani Z.
Monteiro, Claudia C. F.
Beccari, Jeferson
Dacome, Antonio S.
Costa, Silvio C.
Barao, Carlos E.
Monteiro, Antonio R. G.

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Raniero G.Z., Monteiro C.C.F., Beccari J., Dacome A.S., Costa S.C., Barao C.E., Monteiro A.R.G., 2023, Cold Brewing Process to Produce Light Beer, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 99, 643-648.


Looking for new beer production techniques, the cold extraction process showed as an alternative, which is very common in producing beverages such as coffee but needs better scientific information for application in the manufacture of beer. This technique is known as Cold Brew, which aims to extract compounds through a cold solvent, in this case, water. This work aims to prepare a beer using the Cold Brew technique to remove a smaller amount of starch, thus generating a beer with a proportionally reduced final alcohol content, obtaining a body that is made classically. For the study, three treatments were made. They consisted of a standard beer as a Control (C), a cold brew (CB), and a diluted beer (DB) with the original Extract coincident with the cold brew. The physicochemical analysis, sugar quantification by HPLC, and sensorial analysis were made to evaluate the three treatments. The curves obtained for rhamnose, fructose, and sucrose showed no significant difference between C and CB but differed from DB. The C presented an average alcohol content of 5.1 + 0.07%, while the CB and DB presented 1.60 + 0.05 and 1.53 + 0.05%, respectively. Furthermore, a sensory analysis showed that the acceptance of SB and CB beers was higher than DB. Reductions in CB were obtained in; alcohol, Density, Extract, and calories compared to SB, but they meet the expectations for a beer with such a low content of fermentable sugars. This method showed potential for the manufacture of light cherries with low alcohol content, corroborating the fact that it is not a diluted beer but an alternative method for the elaboration of different styles of new beers.