Vol 102 - Reviewers

Publication Policy of Chemical Engineering Transactions, Volume 102

Each article of this volume has been reviewed by at least two Reviewers, frequently by three and rarely by more.
The list of the main reviewers involved in this Key-Job is reported below.
The Editors in Chief of CET, as well the Guest Editors of this volume are deeply grateful to them for their intense activity and care in preparing the reviews.
The quality of this publication is valued by: ISBN & ISSN numbers, DOI identification number; it is available in Google Scholar and Indexed by SCOPUS.
Each Paper in the volume is covered by a copyright assigned to AIDIC Servizi S.r.l.


Albanese, Donatella Italy
Apicella, Annalisa Italy
Bassani, Andrea Italy
Benavides-Martín, María Spain
Benevides, Selene Brazil
Berardi, Antonio Italy
Cardoso Reitz, Flavia Brazil
Cuenca Quicazan, Martha Maria Colombia
D'Antonio, Paola Italy
De Bruijn, Johannes Chile
De Jesus Oliveira, Ana Carolina Brazil
Dermiki, Maria Ireland
Derossi, Antonio Italy
Desogus, Francesco Italy
Diakité, Mamadou Germany
Donsì, Francesco Italy
Dordoni, Roberta Italy
Ferreira De Oliveira, Tatianne Brazil
Ferreira Geraldo Perdoncini, Márcia Regina Brazil
Fioravante Guerra, André Brazil
Galatro, Daniela Canada
Girotto, Francesca Italy
Gonzalez, Yris Ecuador
Incarnato, Loredana Italy
Jesus, Meirielly Portugal
Jiménez-Jiménez, Francisco Spain
Lambri, Milena Italy
Langendorfer, Johanna Lena Germany
Malvano, Francesca Italy
Mata, Fernando Portugal
Medeiros Marques, Leila Larisa Brazil
Mero-Benavides, M. Ecuador
Moresi, Mauro Italy
Njapndounke, Bilkissou Cameroon
Oke, Michael Nigeria
Panzanini, Marco Italy
Piazza, Laura Italy
Pires, Preciosa Portugal
Pirozzi, Annachiara Italy
Pittia, Paola Italy
Roma, Eliseo Italy
Romano, Annalisa Italy
Rossetti, Chiara Italy
Salazar-González, Claudia Colombia
Sandoval, Ana Peru
Savchina, Ecaterina Italy
Shamsudin, Rosnah Malaysia
Spigno, Giorgia Italy
Spilimbergo, Sara Italy
Summo, Carmine Italy
Tinoco-Caicedo, Diana Ecuador
Torrieri, Elena Italy
Toscano, Francesco Italy
Vallone, Mariangela Italy
Vaz-Velho, Manuela Portugal
Vezzulli, Fosca Italy
Walsh, Gary Ireland
Zabulione, Aelita Lithuania
Zaccone, Marta Italy
Zambon, Alessandro Italy