Vol 58 - Reviewers

Publication Policy of Chemical Engineering Transactions, Volume 58

Each article of this volume has been reviewed by at least two Reviewers, frequently by three and rarely by more.
The list of the main reviewers involved in this Key-Job is reported below.
The Editors in Chief of CET, as well the Guest Editors of this volume are deeply grateful to them for their intense activity and care in preparing the reviews.
The Editors are proud of having been assisted by such qualified team of experts, who determined the quality and the success of this journal.
All the articles are identified by a DOI number and will be evaluated for inclusion into SCOPUS and ISI citation databases.


Acevedo, P. Colombia
Alonge, A. Nigeria
Altieri, G. Italy
Amon, B. Germany
Antinoro, C. Italy
Arcidiacono, C. Italy
Assirelli, A. Italy
Attard, G. Malta
Bacenetti, J. Italy
Bagagiolo, G. Italy
Balsari, P. Italy
Barge, P. Italy
Barut, Z. Turkey
Beghi, R. Italy
Benalia, S. Italy
Bernardi, B. Italy
Bietresato, M. Italy
Biocca, M. Italy
Bisaglia, C. Italy
Bourges, G. Argentina
Braga, R. Brazil
Brambilla, M. Italy
Bresci, E. Italy
Caffaro, F. Italy
Calcante, A. Italy
Calvo, A. Italy
Caracciolo, G. Italy
Cardoso, D. Brazil
Cascone, G. Italy
Castelli, G. Italy
Catalano, P. Italy
Catania, P. Italy
Cavalli, R. Italy
Cavallo, E. Italy
Cecchini, M. Italy
Chastain, J. USA
Chaves, L. Brazil
Colantoni, A. Italy
Colelli, G. Italy
Comparetti, A. Italy
Costa, C. Italy
Crimaldi, M. Italy
De Pasquale, C. Italy
De Zoysa, M. Sri Lanka
Ertekin, C. Turkey
Facchinetti, D. Italy
Failla, S. Italy
Faugno, S. Italy
Febo, P. Italy
Firouzi, S. Iran
Fontanelli, M. Italy
Franceschetti, B. Italy
Giametta, F. Italy
Giovenzana, V. Italy
Giudicianni, P. Italy
Gonzalez-Delgado, A.D. Colombia
Gubiani, R. Italy
Guerrini, L. Italy
Guidetti, R. Italy
Hernández, M. Colombia
Hoffmann, D. Germany
Huang, Z. Japan
Jasim, A.A. Iraq
Jia, Y. China
Karttunen, J. Finland
Kasumov, N. Russia
Kornecki, T. USA
La Bella, S. Italy
La Fianza, G. Italy
Ledda, L. Italy
Leon-Pulido, J. Colombia
Leone, A. Italy
Lin, T.T. Taiwan
Lopez-Maestresalas, A. Spain
Macuhova, J. Germany
Manetto, G. Italy
Martello, M. Italy
Matera, A. Italy
Mattetti, M. Italy
Maze, M. Germany
Mazzetto, F. Italy
Mercenaro, L. Italy
Mesquita, M. Brazil
Molari, G. Italy
Murgia, L. Italy
Murphy, D. USA
Nikkhah, A. Iran
Ortiz-Laurel, H. Mexico
Pagano, M. Italy
Pallottino, F. Italy
Peralta-Ruiz, Y.Y. Colombia
Pergher, G. Italy
Perone, C. Italy
Pessina, D. Italia
Pindozzi, S. Italy
Pirozzi, M. Italy
Pisciotta, A. Italy
Proto, A.R. Italy
Quendler, E. Austria
Quendler, E. Austria
Raffaelli, M. Italy
Ramirez-Cando, L. Italy
Reger, M. Germany
Rodias, E. Italy
Romanelli, T. Brazil
Romaniello, R. Italy
Romano, E. Italy
Rondelli, V. Italy
Rosecrance, J. USA
Sangsoponjit, S. Thailand
Sannino, M. Italy
Sarghini, F. Italy
Saulino, L. Italy
Say, S. Turkey
Serrano, J. Portugal
Shahinrokhsar, P. Iran
Silva, T. Brazil
Sopegno, A. Italy
Sortino, G. Italy
Suphalucksana, W. Thailand
Tojo, S. Japan
Tomasone, R. Italy
Tonello, K.C. Brazil
Tortia, C. Italy
Vallone, M. Italy
Varani, M. Italy
Varia, F. Italy
Vidoni, R. Italy
Vursavus, K. Turkey
Zanetti, M. Italy
Zema, D.A. Italy