Vol 71 - Reviewers

Publication Policy of Chemical Engineering Transactions, Volume 71

Each article of this volume has been reviewed by at least two Reviewers, frequently by three and rarely by more.
The list of the main reviewers involved in this Key-Job is reported below.
The Editors in Chief of CET, as well the Guest Editors of this volume are deeply grateful to them for their intense activity and care in preparing the reviews.
The Editors are proud of having been assisted by such qualified team of experts, who determined the quality and the success of this journal.


An, Jingbo China
An, Qiangqiang China
Ban, Yi China
Bao, Xinzhong China
Bu, Wei China
Cai, Honglan China
Cai, Penglin China
Cao, Baofei China
Cao, Chen China
Cao, Hongxia China
Cao, Jiahong China
Cao, Shichao China
Cao, Su China
Chang, Guofeng China
Chen, Chunxia China
Chen, Feng China
Chen, Leyi China
Chen, Min China
Chen, Wenshuai China
Cheng, Changbin China
Chu, Jian China
Cui, Hong China
Cui, Wei China
Cui, Xiaowei China
Cui, Xin China
Cui, Ying China
Cui, Zhi China
Deng, Daping China
Ding, Bin China
Dong, Liang China
Dou, Lijun China
Du, Erxia China
Du, Jianhua China
Du, Jimin China
Duan, Aixia China
Duan, Lili China
Duan, Linjuan China
Fan, Qiufeng China
Feng, Junfa China
Fu, Tianlin China
Gao, Chuanchang China
Gao, Jie China
Gao, Shuying China
Gao, Wanli China
Gao, Yuan China
Geng, Wenbo China
Gil, Sonia China
Gu, Yong China
Gu, Zhi China
Guo, Fuquan China
Guo, Fuquan China
Guo, Lianhuan China
Guo, Qiang China
Guo, Xijuan China
Han, Jun China
Han, Xiaoming China
Han, Zhaoxiang China
Hao, Qin China
He, Fang China
He, Wei China
Hou, Mengxi China
Hou, Wei China
Hou, lina China
Hu, Haifeng China
Hu, Ming China
Huang, Liying China
Huang, Meixing China
Huang, Mingchu China
Huang, Naibao China
Huo, Fucui China
Jia, Baohua China
Jia, Qian China
Jia, Yongxin China
Jiang, Xin China
Kang, Aibin China
LI, Zhongjin China
Li, Bowen China
Li, Canbing China
Li, Chao China
Li, Dongguo China
Li, Hongwei China
Li, Huifen China
Li, Juan China
Li, Lun China
Li, Luyan China
Li, Moujie China
Li, Nianqiang China
Li, Shanmei China
Li, Tanping China
Li, Tianfeng China
Li, Xiaodong China
Li, Xin China
Li, Xuezhen China
Li, Yan China
Li, Yong China
Li, Zhihui China
Li, Zilong China
Liang, Chunhui China
Liang, Huawei China
Liang, Wei China
Lin, Qiao China
Liu, Baili China
Liu, Bin China
Liu, Chunjiang China
Liu, Daohua China
Liu, Guodong China
Liu, Haichao China
Liu, He China
Liu, Jianjun China
Liu, Jie China
Liu, Junliang China
Liu, Junzhi China
Liu, Qian China
Liu, Shan China
Liu, Wenqiu China
Liu, Xiao China
Liu, Xiaofeng China
Liu, Xiaohua China
Liu, Yang China
Liu, Zongbao China
Lixin, Zhang China
Luo, Bin China
Luo, Qinghua China
Lv, Xiaotang China
Lv, Zhihan China
Ma, Xiaoqiu China
Ma, Yanhui China
Ma, Zhi China
Meng, Fanshun China
Min, Chen China
Pan, Jun China
Pang, Shenghua China
Pang, Yan China
Pang, Zongchao China
Pei, Hui-xia China
Qian, Linbo China
Qian, Yongmei China
Qiao, Chong China
Qiao, Wei China
Qin, Jing China
Qin, Yi China
Ru, Tingting China
Shao, Yafei China
Shen, Changbin China
Shen, Chen China
Shen, Yan China
Shen, Zhaowei China
Sheng, Kai China
Sheng, Long China
Shi, Weiming China
Song, Fei China
Su, Guiqiu China
Sun, Chao China
Sun, Gangzhu China
Sun, Guangling China
Sun, Huixia China
Sun, Jian China
Sun, Maohong China
Sun, Mingyu China
Tang, Deshan China
Tang, Liang China
Tang, Zhiling China
Teng, Jun China
Teng, Yusi China
Tian, Haomin China
Tian, Peng China
Tian, Yabin China
Tong, Huan China
Wan, Fengming China
Wang, Bo China
Wang, Changlong China
Wang, Fang China
Wang, Futong China
Wang, Gang China
Wang, Guiqin China
Wang, Hongguang China
Wang, Hongli China
Wang, Hongmei China
Wang, Lin China
Wang, Mijun China
Wang, Qiumin China
Wang, Ru China
Wang, Sufeng China
Wang, Tianhu China
Wang, Ting China
Wang, Wei China
Wang, Weidong China
Wang, Wu China
Wang, Xiaodong China
Wang, Xiaolei China
Wang, Xiaorui China
Wang, Zhenqi China
Wei, Fengjun China
Wei, Ruisong China
Wei, Wei China
Wen, Jie China
Wen, Zhihui China
Weng, Ji China
Wu, Bao China
Wu, Chunlei China
Wu, Guangdong China
Wu, Jinfang China
Wu, Juan China
Wu, Shuyan China
Xiao, Kai China
Xiao, Nanbing China
Xiao, Yingjian China
Xie, Li China
Xie, Liyuan China
Xin, Liwu China
Xiong, Shu China
Xu, Li China
Xu, Meng China
Xu, Xiaojuan China
Xue, Haibin China
Xue, Yingzhen China
Yan, Huan China
Yan, Pengfei China
Yan, Zhengxiang China
Yang, Chunxia China
Yang, Feifei China
Yang, Guang China
Yang, Jingxian China
Yang, Kai China
Yang, Ling China
Yang, Sijing China
Yang, Wei China
Yang, Xiuwei China
Yang, Yang China
Yang, Yi China
Yang, Zhuo China
Yao, Bin China
Yao, Fuguang China
Yao, Runming China
Ye, Xiaoxia China
Yin, Keqing China
Yin, Shijiu China
Yin, Yueqin China
Ying, Zhang China
Yu, Jinwen China
Yu, Ming China
Yu, Pengfei China
Yuan, Peiyin China
Zhang, Binwei China
Zhang, Boqiang China
Zhang, Chenghua China
Zhang, Dandan China
Zhang, Guojun China
Zhang, Hongyang China
Zhang, Jilong China
Zhang, Jingpu China
Zhang, Junling China
Zhang, Li China
Zhang, Lixin China
Zhang, Mian China
Zhang, Ruiqing China
Zhang, Tiejian China
Zhang, Ting China
Zhang, Xiaosong China
Zhang, Xin China
Zhang, Yu China
Zhang, Yuling China
Zhang, Yun China
Zhang, Zezhong China
Zhang, Zhiqiang China
Zhao, Songying China
Zhen, Lisha China
Zheng, Huiyin China
Zheng, ShengBao China
Zheng, Yimin China
Zheng, Yuchun China
Zhou, Bei China
Zhou, Cheng China
Zhou, Rongrong China
Zhou, Tao China
Zhou, Wei China
Zhou, Xinyun China
Zhou, Xiqiang China
Zhou, Yafen China
Zhu, Cheng China
Zhu, Jing China
Zhu, Pinwei China
Zhu, Tiefeng China
Zhu, Xiaohui China