Chemical Engineering Transactions

Chemical Engineering Transactions

ISSN: 2283-9216

Chemical Engineering Transactions (CET) aims to be a leading international journal for publication of original research and review articles in chemical, food, process, environmental engineering.

CET began in 2002 as a vehicle for publication of high-quality papers in chemical engineering, connected with leading international conferences.
In 2014, CET opened a new era as an internationally-recognised journal.

Year by year the publication increased and today each Volume is identified by proper ISBN, ISSN and since Volume 17 by a DOI number for each paper.

CET Journal is also available in Scopus, GoogleScholar and it adheres to Open Access

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Current Issue

Vol 94 (2022)

Published 1 September 2022
"This volume of Chemical Engineering Transactions contains articles describing the latest research results in Process Integration for Energy Saving and Pollution Reduction, developed and completed during the last year (2021-2022). The research efforts presented in the articles focus on several key areas. These include heat recovery and energy efficiency, CO2 capture and sequestration, sustainable building materials, solar heating and cooling, clean combustion, hydrogen storage, clean biofuel production, clean energy harvesting and storage, clean agriculture, digitalisation for Process Integration, waste minimisation, Circular Economy, reduction and management of plastic waste."
Guest Editors: Petar S. Varbanov, Yee Van Fan, Jirí J. Klemeš, Sandro Nižetic
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ISBN 978-88-95608-93-8; ISSN 2283-9216