Chemical Engineering Transactions

Chemical Engineering Transactions

ISSN: 2283-9216

Chemical Engineering Transactions (CET) aims to be a leading international journal for publication of original research and review articles in chemical, process, and environmental engineering.

CET began in 2002 as a vehicle for publication of high-quality papers in chemical engineering, connected with leading international conferences. In 2014, CET opened a new era as an internationally-recognised journal.

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Current Issue

Vol 72 (2019)

Published 31 January 2019
"This volume intends to attract readers from various sectors involved with sustainable developments, low GHG and haze/smog emissions, including engineers, academician, researchers, and policymakers. This volume is a milestone in literature for its comprehensive and exhaustive description of each subject."
Guest Editors: Jeng Shiun Lim, Azizul Azri Mustaffa, Nur Nabila Abdul Hamid, Jirí Jaromír Klemeš
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ISBN 978-88-95608-69-3; ISSN 2283-9216