Journal Opening

The opening of this Series, on occasion of the Conference ISIC-15 (2002) by Ing. Rosario Alessandrello, AIDIC President:
This Volume under the title "Chemical Engineering Transactions" marks a new development. Recently the current Scientific board of AIDIC has proposed to put on a permanent and visible record of the contributions to the events, organized by the Association, by the creation of the Chemical Engineering Transactions, Series.
It must be acknowledged that this initiative emerges from a strong tradition dating back to the mid-1960's when a series of scientific meetings and symposia have been started and periodically organized by AIDIC.
More than thirty years of activities have supported a continuing forum for the debate on research, development and application on the field of Chemical Engineering Science. The proceedings of the 15th International Symposium on Industrial Crystallization (ISIC-15) opened the Series in 2002.
On behalf of all AIDIC members and the AIDIC Executive and Scientific boards, I welcome the readers of this Series and thank them for their attention to and dissemination of these pages. In the meanwhile, I take the opportunity to confirm that AIDIC will continuously encourage the diffusion of this series and will support the participation of authors who will stimulate the investment of effort in those directions which will emerge from future AIDIC activities.
Rosario Alessandrello