Aims & Scope

Chemical Engineering Transactions (CET) aims to be a leading international journal for publication of original research and review articles in chemical, process, and environmental engineering.
CET begin in 2002 as a vehicle for publication of high-quality papers in chemical engineering, connected with leading international conferences. In 2014, CET opened a new era as an internationally-recognised journal.
Articles containing original research results, covering any aspect from molecular phenomena through to industrial case studies and design, with a strong influence of chemical engineering methodologies and ethos are particularly welcome. We encourage state-of-the-art contributions relating to the future of industrial processing, sustainable design, as well as transdisciplinary research that goes beyond the conventional bounds of chemical engineering. Short reviews on hot topics, emerging technologies, and other areas of high interest should highlight unsolved challenges and provide clear directions for future research.
The journal publishes periodically with approximately 6 volumes per year.
Core topic areas:
  1. Batch processing
  2. Biotechnology
  3. Circular economy and integration
  4. Environmental engineering
  5. Fluid flow and fluid mechanics
  6. Green materials and processing
  7. Heat and mass transfer
  8. Innovation engineering
  9. Life cycle analysis and optimisation
  10. Modelling and simulation
  11. Operations and supply chain management
  12. Particle technology
  13. Process dynamics, flexibility, and control
  14. Process integration and design
  15. Process intensification and optimisation
  16. Process safety
  17. Product development
  18. Reaction engineering
  19. Renewable energy
  20. Separation processes
  21. Smart industry, city, and agriculture
  22. Sustainability
  23. Systems engineering
  24. Thermodynamic
  25. Waste minimisation, processing and management
  26. Water and wastewater engineering