Scenedesmus Almeriensis Solutions Dewatering by Using Pvdf Membranes
Marino, Tiziana
Figoli, Alberto
Chianese, Elena
Rimauro, Juri
Mehariya, Sanjeet
Musmarra, Dino
Molino, Antonio
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Marino T., Figoli A., Chianese E., Rimauro J., Mehariya S., Musmarra D., Molino A., 2019, Scenedesmus Almeriensis Solutions Dewatering by Using Pvdf Membranes, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 74, 1411-1416.
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In this work, a membrane-based separation was investigate for Scenedesmus almeriensis solutions dewatering. A commercial polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) membrane, having a pore size of 3 ?m was used in order to allow the water passage through it (permeate), retaining, at the same time, algae biomass (retentate). The possibility to reuse the permeate for a second Scenedesmus almeriensis growth step, was also studied. The registered data evidenced the feasibility of the membrane-based dewatering as an alternative competitive technology, even though the recovery of water should need further investigations to be optimized.
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