Optimization of Anti-Corrosion Technology for Petroleum Bit
Yin, Zhong
Wang, Zunce
Li, Xingguo
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Yin Z., Wang Z., Li X., 2017, Optimization of Anti-Corrosion Technology for Petroleum Bit , Chemical Engineering Transactions, 62, 157-162.
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In order to study the corrosion of oil well shaft, tubing and petroleum bit in oil field exploration and development process, the corrosion factors are explored by doing experiments. Then, for effectively solving this problem, some chemical anti-corrosion technologies are listed and anti-corrosion measurements are put forward. The experimental results show that, to a great extent, these measurements can not only reduce the production cost of crude oil, but also can improve the oil recovery rate, thereby reducing production well work- over rate and repair rate and thus solving the problem of oil corrosion. Based on the above findings, it is concluded that the measurements proposed are efficient and essential for solving the corrosion of petroleum bit.
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