Gameq: Software for Teaching in Chemical Engineering
Cafagna, Riccardo
Stamoglou, Felipe
Falcao, Miguel
Souza, Ana
Calixto, Ewerton
Pessoa, Fernando
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Cafagna R., Stamoglou F., Falcao M., Souza A., Calixto E., Pessoa F., 2019, Gameq: Software for Teaching in Chemical Engineering, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 74, 1273-1278.
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The use of gamification in chemical engineering is still scarce. This paper presents a gamification-base implementation applied to a chemical engineering course of SENAI CIMATEC University Center in Salvador State/Brazil. The technique is implemented in a game software called GAMEQ. The design of the gamification framework considers the sequence that a regular chemical engineer would follow that comes from access to the industry to the design and simulation of equipment. All these steps are accomplished using the game phase idea and the student is rewarded as he increases his level in the virtual industry. The results showed that the students considered this application positive and they demonstrated more interest in the course where the tool was used.
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