Innovative Use of Biomass Based on Technical Hemp in Building Industry
Cigasova, J.
Stevulova, N.
Schwarzova, I.
Junak, J.
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Cigasova J., Stevulova N., Schwarzova I., Junak J., 2014, Innovative Use of Biomass Based on Technical Hemp in Building Industry, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 37, 685-690.
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This article discusses about the possibility of using industrial hemp as a source of natural fibres for purpose of construction. The technical hemp (Cannabis Sativa) is the source of two types of fibres; bast fibres (used mainly in the paper and textile industries) and woody fibres - hurds. In recent decades hemp hurds have experienced a renaissance in use in the construction industry. This material is waste resulting from the processing of hemp stem on bast fibres. For the purposes of construction it has potential thanks to their exceptional thermal insulation, antiseptic, acoustic and mechanical properties. One of the aspects of using hemp products in building industry is that these materials are environmentally friendly in comparison to the used conventional materials (such as conventional insulating materials with polymer matrix or based on mineral wool).
In this article, the lightweight composites based on hemp hurds (as a biomass) and nonconventional binders MgO-cement are tested. The physical and mechanical properties of the composites hardened in indoor condition (28, 60, 90, 180 days) are studied. The results of the obtained parameters (density, water content, compressive strength, thermal conductivity coefficient) of hardened composites are presented.
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