Reuse of Whey Cheese for Lipase Production by Candida lipolytica
Andrade Silva, M.
Silva, T.A.L.
Amorim Salgueiro, A.
Campos Takaki, G.M.
Tambourgi, E.B.
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Andrade Silva M., Silva T., Amorim Salgueiro A., Campos Takaki G., Tambourgi E., 2015, Reuse of Whey Cheese for Lipase Production by Candida lipolytica, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 43, 331-336.
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This work evaluated the use of cheese whey for lipase production by Candida lipolytica under submerged cultivation. A 23 factorial design with four replications at the center point was carried out to investigate the production of the enzyme. Assays were performed in Erlenmeyer flasks at 10 % v / v inoculum (standardized to 106 CFU / mL), useful volume of 100 mL, 150 rpm and at 28 °C in the presence of cheese whey, olive oil and Tween - 80, initial pH 5.0. The centrifuged samples were used to determine pH and enzyme activity. The maximum lipase activity reached 118 U/mL at 24 h of culture with different concentrations of the production medium in the presence of the whey at 100 to 99.8 %, independent of olive oil at 0.2 % and Tween-80, 0.2 % and pH 5.0-5.3. The micro-organism studied produced lipase in first 24 h of cultivation, using whey cheese as substrate, with great environmental potential for be applied in effluent treatment of this type.
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