Adsorption of Water/Glucose Mixture onto Amberlite Resin
Trindade Junior, V.N.
Luterbacher, J.S.
Dumesic, J.
Da Silva, E.A.
Guirardello, R.
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Trindade Junior V., Luterbacher J., Dumesic J., Da Silva E., Guirardello R., 2015, Adsorption of Water/Glucose Mixture onto Amberlite Resin, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 43, 607-612.
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The capacity of glucose removal in aqueous solution using Amberlite XAD4® was investigated. Experimental adsorption isotherm glucose onto Amberlite was carried out at 303 K and kinetic adsorption at 303 and 323K were performed in a batch reactor for 48 hours. The glucose concentration data were measured with ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy. To correlation the equilibrium data was use Freundlich, Toth, and Langmuir isotherms and to describe the kinetics data were use the pseudo-first-order and pseudo-second-order models. The result showed that resin has low effectivity at removal glucose in aqueous solution.
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