Pt-Containing Catalysts for Primary Biomass Products Conversion into Hydrocarbons
Chistyakov, A.
Tsodikov, M.
Zharova, P.
Gekhman, A.E.
Shapovalov, S.S.
Pasinskiyc, A.E.
Corbetta, M.
Manenti, F.
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Chistyakov A., Tsodikov M., Zharova P., Gekhman A., Shapovalov S., Pasinskiyc A., Corbetta M., Manenti F., 2015, Pt-Containing Catalysts for Primary Biomass Products Conversion into Hydrocarbons, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 43, 847-852.
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Development of alternative approaches to fuel components and basic organic synthesis precursors producing based on biomass treatment products is important objective for ecology and chemistry. In the present work a number of original Pt-Sn containing catalysts were used for ethanol and rapeseed oil conversion. The peculiarities of used catalysts are usage of heterometallic precursors that possesses metal-metal bonds. Such kind of catalysts precursors allow obtaining more active and selective catalysts then ones based on a mixture of monometallic Pt and Sn precursors.
Catalyst with molar ratio of Pt:Sn equal to 1:5 was the most prospective for ethanol conversion into alkanes and olefins C3-C8. Shown that over Pt-Sn containing catalysts rapeseed oil converts into alkanes or olefins C3-C18. The highest selectivity close to 100 % during rapeseed oil conversion into hydrocarbons C3-C18 was found to be over Pd-Sn/Al2O3 catalyst with Pt:Sn molar ratio equal to 1:5.
Structural peculiarities of catalysts were characterized with X-ray diffraction and XAS technique. Relations between Pt clusters structure and its catalytic properties were determined.
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