Adsorption Properties and Permeation Performances of DD3R Zeolite Membranes
Caravella, A.
Zito, P.F.
Brunetti, A.
Drioli, E.
Barbieri, G.
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Caravella A., Zito P., Brunetti A., Drioli E., Barbieri G., 2015, Adsorption Properties and Permeation Performances of DD3R Zeolite Membranes, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 43, 1075-1080.
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This modelling paper is focused on the evaluation of the performance of DD3R zeolite membranes for light gases separation. First, the required adsorption properties are calculated by means of a multivariate regression. Then, the Maxwell-Stefan multicomponent transport equations are implemented considering a quaternary equimolar gas mixture (CH4, CO2, CO and N2) on the high-pressure feed side to evaluate the actual permeance and selectivity of the considered gases keeping the low-pressure permeation side at 100 kPa. After validating the model through experimental data taken from the literature, the simulation is performed in a certain range of temperature and pressure. It is found that in the range of considered conditions, the CO2 / CH4 selectivity is higher than 100, increasing with decreasing temperature and pressure. Therefore, the most convenient temperature and pressure conditions where permeance and CO2 / CH4 selectivity are good enough to be of interest for industrial applications are identified.
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