A Posteriori Integration of University CAPE Software Developments
Tolksdorf, G.
Fillinger, S.
Wozny, G.
Manenti, F.
Rossi, F.
Buzzi-Ferraris, G.
Pierucci, S.
Fedorova, M.
Gani, R.
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Tolksdorf G., Fillinger S., Wozny G., Manenti F., Rossi F., Buzzi-Ferraris G., Pierucci S., Fedorova M., Gani R., 2015, A Posteriori Integration of University CAPE Software Developments, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 43, 1345-1350.
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This contribution deals with the mutual integration of existing CAPE software products developed at different universities in Germany, Denmark, and Italy. After the motivation MOSAIC is presented as the bridge building the connection between the modelling tool ICAS-MoT and the numerical processing tool BzzMath. In the main part a case-study is presented, including descriptions of the benefits, challenges, implementation, and application. This paper is completed with aspects of current research activities and a conclusion summarizing the results.
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