Production of Polyethylene Based Carbon Fibres
De Palmenaer, A.
Wortberg, G.
Drissen, F.
Seide, G.
Gries, T.
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De Palmenaer A., Wortberg G., Drissen F., Seide G., Gries T., 2015, Production of Polyethylene Based Carbon Fibres, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 43, 1699-1704.
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Polyolefins, especially polyethylene, have great potential as an alternative precursor used for carbon fibre production. Polyethylene can be processed in the economic melt spinning process. In this paper, the melt- spinning process of such polyethylene precursors and their conversion to carbon fibres in a chemical stabilization (sulfonation) and carbonization process are presented. Furthermore, the results of the chemical stabilization and the carbonization are discussed.
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