Research on Fire Safety Parameters on Foam Gypsum Products
Pulkis, K.
Iljins, U.
Skujans, J.
Gross, U.
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Pulkis K., Iljins U., Skujans J., Gross U., 2015, Research on Fire Safety Parameters on Foam Gypsum Products, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 43, 1765-1770.
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The study examines determination of fire influencing parameters in foam gypsum products, such as fire resistance, fire reaction class, performance of foam gypsum boards in high temperatures. Taking into consideration the high fire resistance of gypsum, it may have significant role in the construction of fireproof structures, not only as fireproof boards, but also as acoustic boards. Foam gypsum is a perspective construction material not only of high fire resistance, but also of good acoustic and heat insulating properties. Foam gypsum content includes gypsum, i.e. calcium sulphate dihydrate, CaSO4 2H2O, characterized with the chemical reaction of gypsum at high temperature and energy absorption. As a result of physical chemical processes the foam producer forms a porous structure of the material. Such material provides A1 fire reaction class. Based on these properties and varying the foam gypsum content and production technology, a material of wide application can be acquired, because it provides meeting of such basic requirements of construction materials as fire safety, hygiene, protection against noises, heat insulation and sustainable use of nature resources.
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