Optimization of Method of Preparing Carbon Paste Electrode
Bosco, A.T.
Alhadeff, E.M.
Mihos, F.C.S.S.
Mello Santos, V.
Bojorge-Ramirez, N.
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Bosco A., Alhadeff E., Mihos F., Mello Santos V., Bojorge-Ramirez N., 2015, Optimization of Method of Preparing Carbon Paste Electrode, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 43, 2443-2448.
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This work propose the optimization of the preparation of electrode based on carbon paste for application to amperometric biosensor. The method is based on the experimental design of mixtures with graphite, polyaniline and epoxy resin acting as system components and electrical conductivity as the response variable. The materials were characterized such as how much its electrical conductivity and cyclic voltammetry. The experimental design indicated that the higher conductivity electrode was made of a mixture of 25% (wt/wt) graphite 40% (wt/wt) of polyaniline and 35% (wt/wt) of epoxy resin. The addition of silver nanoparticles favoring an increase of 9.71% in the anodic peak current and 32.35% in the peak cathode current.
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