Elimination of Penicillin V by Membrane Process
Samai, M.
Chikhi, M.
Zerara, F.
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Samai M., Chikhi M., Zerara F., 2015, Elimination of Penicillin V by Membrane Process, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 43, 2467-2472.
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Recovery of penicillin V in wastewater from a membrane microfiltration process, aims to minimize the pharmaceutical pollution in our discharges. This study is carried out using a synthetic solution of penicillin V, at various concentrations, in a tubular microfiltration ceramic membrane; the tangential filtration is very convenient, it reduces the accumulation of particles on the membrane surface. Different parameters were studied, the change in permeate flux versus time for different pH values of solution, the volumes of the retentate and the permeate as a function of the concentration of the penicillin V, variation of the turbidity of the permeate and the retentate as a function of time; the obtained results show that the permeate flux is important for a low concentration of penicillin V (0.01 g/L), the volume of the permeate decreases and of the retentate increases with increasing concentration of penicillin V. basic pH are very favorable, they can get best yields microfiltration of the solution. The turbidity of the retentate increases, while that in the permeate it decreases as a function of time, showing that the penicillin V is recovered by the microfiltration membrane.
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