Organophosphorus Pesticides Residues in Cooked Capsicum annuum
Figueiredo, V.
Miranda, J.A.
Colares, L.
Carvalho, J.L.V.
Castro, I.
Carvalho, L.M.J.
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Figueiredo V., Miranda J., Colares L., Carvalho J., Castro I., Carvalho L., 2015, Organophosphorus Pesticides Residues in Cooked Capsicum annuum, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 44, 241-246.
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Food is the basic necessity of life and food contaminated with pesticides is associated with severe effects on the human health. It is interesting to know the processing effects on pesticide residue, thus, this work aimed to evaluate the residual concentrations of organophosphorus in Capsicum annuum after different cooking times. The extraction of analytes was performed according to QuEChERS method and GC/FTD was used for the determination of OP pesticides. The reduction of OP concentrations demonstrated values in the range 4.8- 70.4% but the most OP molecules showed 60% of reduction. The study showed the importance of the assessment of pesticide residues in plant foods thermally processed.
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