Flowrate Targeting for Hydrogen Network with Intermediate Header
Deng, C.
Zhou, Y.
Feng, X.
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Deng C., Zhou Y., Feng X., 2015, Flowrate Targeting for Hydrogen Network with Intermediate Header, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 45, 43-48.
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In this paper, Improved Problem Table (IPT) is utilized to locate the flow rate targets of hydrogen network with intermediate hydrogen header. The relationship between the purity and flow rate of hydrogen header is explored. One literature case is analysed to illustrate the applicability and effectiveness of the proposed approach. The results show that the flow rate of intermediate hydrogen header can be related to its purity via a piecewise function and the flow rate of the intermediate header increases with the reduction of its purity. The intermediate hydrogen header is fed by the mixture of hydrogen utility and process hydrogen sources. The flow rates of hydrogen utility and waste hydrogen streams that discharged into fuel system are kept unchanged with the variety of the purity of intermediate header.
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