Cost Minimisation for Total Site Heat Recovery
Boldyryev, S.
Krajacic, G.
Duic, N.
Varbanov, P.S.
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Boldyryev S., Krajacic G., Duic N., Varbanov P., 2015, Cost Minimisation for Total Site Heat Recovery, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 45, 157-162.
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In this paper minimisation of total cost for retrofit of Total Site heat recovery system is proposed. It based on analysis of balanced Total Site Profiles and includes procedure for calculation of heat transfer area. Heat transfer area is calculated for different regions with use of intermediate utility and direct heating and cooling. Minimal temperature difference between Total Site Profiles is analysed. Global minimum of heat transfer area for Total Site recovery is calculated for array of minimal temperature differences. It is analysed with utility consumption, numbers of units and material of equipment. Selection of minimum total cost for retrofit project of site recovery system is proposed.
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