A Proposal of an Energy Saving Technology Framework for the Hospital
Machado, C.M.L.
Scavarda, A.
Zhao, F.
Kipper, L.M.
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Machado C., Scavarda A., Zhao F., Kipper L., 2015, A Proposal of an Energy Saving Technology Framework for the Hospital, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 45, 241-246.
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The energy saving technology at the hospitals is still new, but it is important because the businesses of these institutions generate a large impact on the society in the three dimensions that guide sustainability: environmental, economical, and social. According to the World Health Organization, hospitals are responsible for about 10 % of all the Brazilian commercial energy consumption. Hospitals have a big challenge to reach sustainable performance; however, it is not only about the infrastructure, but also about the awareness of the leaders and their teams that their engagement is fundamental. It is necessary to convince people of the importance to change habits that do not prioritize the environment. Sustainability and its three guidelines must be defined on the basis of the institution as strategic planning. The energy saving technology should be used daily; it has to be part of the institution's identity. From this perspective, the objective of this research study is to develop a proposal for a framework that helps in the implementation of hospital´s energy saving technology and to support the three guidelines through an agile management. The methodology used is descriptive. The proposed framework helps in the development towards the healthcare strategic planning, contributing to the growth of both institution and community. This framework is to assist in energy saving in the hospitals. It consists of three vectors: Plans for Improvement and Management Assessment, Training and User Awareness, and Diagnosis Energy. The paper recommended some actions to assist in the framework’s implementation. The paper highlights that the awareness and the engagement of all people involved will be driver factors for energy savings in hospitals.
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