Operational Optimization of Reverse Osmosis Plant Using MPC
Manenti, F.
Goryunov, A.G.
Kozin, K.A.
Baydali, S.A.
Papasidero, D.
Rossi, F.
Potemin, R.V.
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Manenti F., Goryunov A., Kozin K., Baydali S., Papasidero D., Rossi F., Potemin R., 2015, Operational Optimization of Reverse Osmosis Plant Using MPC, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 45, 247-252.
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This article is devoted to the study of optimal control strategies for reverse osmosis membrane modules with recirculation. To develop a control system, a reverse osmosis membrane model, previously developed, is used. In detail, this work studies the membrane module with recirculation, investigates the possibility of controlling the impurities concentration in the permeate using an advanced control strategy and, finally, proposes a solution to optimize the recycling time through the use of model predictive control.
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