CO<sub>2</sub> Adsorption Equilibria on a Hybrid Palm Shell-PEEK Porous Carbons
Hamza, U.D.
Nasri, N.S.
Saidina Amin, N.A.
Mohd Zain, H.
Mohammed, J.
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Hamza U., Nasri N., Saidina Amin N., Mohd Zain H., Mohammed J., 2015, CO2 Adsorption Equilibria on a Hybrid Palm Shell-PEEK Porous Carbons, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 45, 301-306.
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CO2 emission is attributed to be the major contributing factor for global warming. In this work, hybrid porous carbons were prepared by K2CO3 microwave assisted activation of palm shell with polyetheretherketone (PEEK). The Porous carbons (M4P2 and M5P2) were investigated as potential sorbents for CO2 capture at various temperatures. The ideal CO2 adsorption capacities of porous carbons were determined using volumetric method at temperatures of 303.15 and 243.15, 378.15 and 443.15 K and pressures (1-4 bar). CO2 uptake of 2.97 and 2.55 mmol CO2 adsorbed/g adsorbent was achieved by M4P2 and M5P2 sorbents at 30 °C and 1 bar. The experimental data of the CO2 adsorption on the porous carbons were correlated by the Freundlich, Langmuir, Toths and Sips isotherm models. Sips adsorption isotherm model fits the data better with higher correlation coefficient and low root mean square deviation (RSMD) at all temperatures. CO2 adsorption was faster initially and then subsequently decreased with time. The findings revealed the potential of palm shell-PEEK as sorbents for CO2 adsorption applications.
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