Dynamic Simulation of Hydrogen Generation from Renewable Energy Sources
Sharifian, S.
Harasek, M.
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Sharifian S., Harasek M., 2015, Dynamic Simulation of Hydrogen Generation from Renewable Energy Sources, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 45, 409-414.
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Electrolysers convert electrical energy to electrochemical energy and for this purpose it is shown as practical applications in energy storage systems, where the storage element in this case is the hydrogen which has highest energy density per mass. The main benefits of using a water electrolyser are the zero-emission of greenhouse gases, the use of water as source of hydrogen production and also, the high efficiency in energy conversion. In this paper, the work is based on mathematical modelling of a photovoltaic system for energy supply and hydrogen generation by an alkaline electrolyser according to the weather in Vienna during the whole year and the solar radiation data using TRNSYS 17. The goal of a dynamic modelling is to check how the system works against the load variations. A variation of hydrogen outflow rate and power with changing time are shown. The model scheme can be beneficial in the design and performance analysis of a complex hybrid-power plant system prior to practical realization.
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