Control and Optimization of Aromatic Compounds in Multivariable Distillation Column
Al-Shatri, A.H.
Ahmad, A.
Abdullah, N.
Oladokun, O.
Al-shanini, A.
Khalil, M.
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Al-Shatri A., Ahmad A., Abdullah N., Oladokun O., Al-shanini A., Khalil M., 2015, Control and Optimization of Aromatic Compounds in Multivariable Distillation Column, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 45, 469-474.
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Product separations in petroleum refineries depend significantly on distillation process, which is known to be challenging to be optimally managed, especially when multiple products with variety of purity requirements are involved due to nonlinear dynamics and high degree of process interactions. In this paper, control and optimization aspects of a multivariable distillation process are discussed. A mathematical model of the system is simulated in MATLAB programming environment, and analyses of process behavior and control performances are carried out. The controllers are tuned using conventional Ziegler-Nichols method and L-V control configuration was adopted. The results on disturbance rejection and set point tracking capabilities, in order to maintain the purity of benzene in the distillate above 98.5 % are discussed. Based on these insights, the optimum operating conditions were determined, which serves as a good starting point for further works in addressing variety of problems related to process operations.
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