Studying Oven Technology towards the Energy Consumption Optimisation for the Baking Process
Papasidero, D.
Corbetta, M.
Pierucci, S.
Pirola, C.
Manenti, F.
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Papasidero D., Corbetta M., Pierucci S., Pirola C., Manenti F., 2015, Studying Oven Technology towards the Energy Consumption Optimisation for the Baking Process, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 45, 481-486.
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A recent guideline from the European Commission declared that several highly energy consuming domestic equipment should be better regulated or avoided at all in the near future. Together with this, several EU nations are abandoning the gas ovens in favour of the electric ones, also due to the home energy rating regulations, that make impossible to get the highest rating with gas ovens. Due to this fact, the study of the technologies related to the energy efficiency in cooking is increasingly developing. The combination of several energy sources (e.g. forced convection, irradiation, microwave, etc.), as well as optimisation of each of them, is an emerging target for oven manufacturers, in matter of oven design and better use of the oven capabilities.
Within this context, an energy consumption analysis and optimisation is targeted in this work, by the application of a bread baking model, validated on experimental data. Each source of energy is given the due importance and the practically applicable process solutions are compared. A basic quality standard is guaranteed by taking into account some quality markers, which are relevant on the basis of a consumer point of view. This work is a part of a more comprehensive study on oven cooking and energy integration, and could lead to practical applications in the design of energy efficient cooking programs.
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