Analysis of a Looped Steam Pipe Network
Wang, S.-H.
Wang, W.-J.
Chen, C.-L.
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Wang S.-H., Wang W.-J., Chen C.-L., 2015, Analysis of a Looped Steam Pipe Network, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 45, 511-516.
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In this work, we report on analysis of a looped steam pipe network with multi-input steam sources and multi-output background process sinks. Hardy Cross method, which was developed for looped water pipe network analysis, is adopted and modified to determine steam flow distributions in all connecting pipes in the looped steam pipe network with consideration of the heat loss from these pipes to the surroundings and the pressure drop within the pipes. Then, pressure profile, temperature profile, as well as condensate are calculated and used to determine steam flow path within the steam pipe network. Finally, movement of locations of possible stagnation points, where the steam flow rate is significantly smaller than the normal operating conditions, are identified in several network operating scenarios. These analyses will be demonstrated in a large-scale refinery in Taiwan as a basis for optimal operation and plant retrofit. Similar analysis will be also applied on the typical high pressure steam distribution network in an industrial complex in Taiwan.
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