A Management Model for Decision Making at the Hospital Supply Chain to Minimize Waste
Scavarda, A.
Machado, C.M.L.
Vaccaro, G.L.R.
Korzenowski, A.L.
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Scavarda A., Machado C., Vaccaro G., Korzenowski A., 2015, A Management Model for Decision Making at the Hospital Supply Chain to Minimize Waste, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 45, 529-534.
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The decision making is the choice of one or more activities among several options. The choice is based on a set of information that leads the decision maker to estimate the chances of these activities of happening and of their success. The hospitals are indispensable to the society and the management of these organizations has complex decision making. The waste of the hospital supply chain results directly and indirectly in several hazard products to the patients, doctors, nurses, non-clinical hospital worker, society, and environment. Technology management can have an impact in preventing these results from happening. Within this perspective, the main objective of this paper is to develop a model that will support the decision making to assist the minimization of waste in the hospital supply chain based on lean management and technology management. The proposed model was based on the concept of supply chain management and lean management and, so, this research develops literature review of these two areas. The methodology used is exploratory and descriptive. The model is tested in hospital supply chains in Brazil. The model consists of eight stages, which will contribute to transparent management and broader engagement of all employees and which will also assist in the better decision making in the supply chain of the hospitals, collaborating with the reduction of environmental and health impacts.
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