Sustainable Power Plant Planning Using Pinch Analysis Approach
Lee, M.Y.
Ho, W.S.
Hashim, H.
Lim, J.S.
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Lee M., Ho W., Hashim H., Lim J., 2015, Sustainable Power Plant Planning Using Pinch Analysis Approach, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 45, 673-678.
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Growing economic and population expansion has posed great stress in power plant planning as energy consumption is increased every year. Power plant expansion or new power plant construction require years of planning before implementation. Together with the aid of energy storage (ES) for improving power plant capacity factor, this work applied Electric System Cascade Analysis (ESCA) to identify the total power plants that are needed to fulfil energy demand in an on-grid power system. A hypothetical Case Study has created to consider the factors of ES charging and discharging efficiency, increment of energy demand, integration of existing with new power plant. The results obtained by ESCA are 929.22 MW of total power plants capacity, 1,073.44 MW of ES real capacity, and 2,614.39 MWh of ES energy capacity, as well as 298.98 MWh of initial content in the ES.
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