A Perspective Study on the Urban River Pollution in Malaysia
Chin, C.M.M.
Ng, Y.J.
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Chin C., Ng Y., 2015, A Perspective Study on the Urban River Pollution in Malaysia, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 45, 745-750.
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In Malaysia 97 % of water is supplied and tapped from rivers and streams. However, the river quality in Malaysia remains highly polluted; especially urban river that passes though densely populated areas. This paper aims to investigate the river restoration programmes initiated by Malaysia, the public’s views on river pollution and to identify the improvements needed to mitigate river pollution issues. In depth review of river restoration efforts in Malaysia and Japan was carried out as secondary data and subsequently a survey questionnaire was conducted with 300 residents in Klang Valley, Malaysia. As a result, data derived shown the key factor underlying the cause of river pollution is human factor with low awareness, information and knowledge leading to the lack of sensitivity in river restoration participants and programmes. Environmental education would be the key essence in curbing river pollution via the adoption of nature- oriented approach, bottom-up approach and establishment of a central river information system.
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