Study of Heat Transfer in Fins of Pneumatic Pulsator Using Thermal Imaging
Wernik, J.
Wolosz, K.J.
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Wernik J., Wolosz K., 2015, Study of Heat Transfer in Fins of Pneumatic Pulsator Using Thermal Imaging, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 45, 985-990.
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Compressed air shockwave is applied in pneumatic pulsator. Numerical methods and engineering expertise were used in the design of pneumatic pulsator so far. Accuracy and reliability are vitally important in Research and Development of process equipment. Therefore, we used thermography in the further studies. Heat, which is discharged to the environment, is produced due to friction in the channels of pneumatic pulsator during airflow. The external surfaces of channel are finned to increase the heat transfer from the pneumatic pulsator. The article presents results and analysis of an experimental investigation on determining the thermal performance of a heat transfer in fins using thermal imaging camera. Temperature distribution of the finned surface of the channel was measured using a single heat source with varied heat flux inputs. The results confirm the rational design of the body in terms of thermal conditions. The obtained temperature distribution using thermal imaging agrees approximately with the values obtained during numerical simulations (method of Computational Fluid Dynamics). This confirmed correctness of measurements. The use of a thermal imaging camera is a valuable technological addition during the tests.
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