Simulation of CO<sub>X</sub> Methanation Reactor for the Production of Natural Gas
Sharifian, S.
Harasek, M.
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Sharifian S., Harasek M., 2015, Simulation of COX Methanation Reactor for the Production of Natural Gas, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 45, 1003-1008.
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Because of the increasing demand for natural gas and the reduction of greenhouse gases interests have focused on the production of natural gas, which is suggested as an undeniable role in future energy. Many thermodynamic and kinetic reactions details involved in the methanation process are not completely understood yet. In this study, a full analysis of the main possible reactions occurring in the reactor of carbon oxides methanation is considered using the Aspen Plus® V8.6. The effects of temperature, pressure, and COX/H2 ratio in the feed, on the methane yield and COX conversion were investigated. Equilibrium constants of possible reactions occurring in the methanation reactor process are presented as a function of temperature. The comparison between the simulation results and the experimental data shows that the proposed model can predict the methanation reactor performance with high accuracy. The results can be beneficial in the design and performance analysis of a methanation reactor prior to experimental realisation.
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