Functionality of Element Targeting Approach in Dynamic Biomass Resources Supply Chain System
Lim, C.H.
Lam, H.L.
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Lim C., Lam H., 2015, Functionality of Element Targeting Approach in Dynamic Biomass Resources Supply Chain System, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 45, 1855-1860.
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In the development of sustainable system, biomass is one of the best options of renewable resources. However, there are many issues in biomass supply chain management. Element Targeting Approach is a novel approach introduced in Demand-Resources Value Targeting (DRVT) and Biomass Element Life Cycle Analysis (BELCA) to improve existing biomass supply chain. It enables consideration of underutilised biomass in biomass supply chain optimization model. The approach integrates biomass resources and process technology via biomass element characteristics to allow more flexibility in biomass feedstock selection without compromising process operation. However, fluctuation of biomass availability such as seasonal biomass remains as one the main problem in biomass supply chain management. In this work, functionality of element targeting to handle fluctuation of biomass availability is conducted. Several case studies to simulate dynamic scenario in biomass resources are constructed. DRVT model with element targeting approach is used to evaluate the problems and alternative biomass supply chain is proposed to optimise each scenario by maximising overall profit. Promising result is presented and biomass selection for each process technology in the case study is compared. The approach allows the model to tackle dynamic situation in biomass resources and this can be used as management tools to propose optimum supply chain network for dynamic problems in biomass industry.
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