Energy Efficiency Improvement in the Natural Gas Liquids Fractionation Unit
Rahimi, A.N.
Mustafa, M.F.
Zaine, M.Z.
Ibrahim, N.
Ibrahim, K.A.
Yusoff, N.
Al-Mutairi, E.M.
Abd.Hamid, M.K.
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Rahimi A., Mustafa M., Zaine M., Ibrahim N., Ibrahim K., Yusoff N., Al-Mutairi E., Abd.Hamid M., 2015, Energy Efficiency Improvement in the Natural Gas Liquids Fractionation Unit, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 45, 1873-1878.
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The objective of this paper is to present the study and analysis of the energy efficiency for the natural gas liquids (NGLs) fractionation sequence by using driving force method. To perform the studies and analysis, the energy efficient NGLs fractionation plant methodology is developed. Hence, the methodology consists of four hierarchical steps; Step 1: Existing Sequence Energy Analysis, Step 2: Optimal Sequence Determination, Step 3: Optimal Sequence Energy Analysis and Step 4: Energy Comparison. The capability of this methodology is tested in designing an optimal energy efficient distillation columns sequence of NGLs fractionation unit. By using the driving force method, maximum of 21 % energy reduction is able to be achieved by changing the sequence of NGLs fractionation unit. It can be concluded that, the sequence determined by the driving force method is able to reduce energy used for NGLs fractionation. These findings show that the methodology is able to design energy efficient distillation columns for NGLs fractionation sequence in an easy, practical and systematic manner.
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