Lignin-Based Advanced Biofuels: a Novel Route Towards Aviation Fuels
Chiaramonti, D.
Buffi, M.
Palmisano, P.
Redaelli, S.
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Chiaramonti D., Buffi M., Palmisano P., Redaelli S., 2016, Lignin-Based Advanced Biofuels: a Novel Route Towards Aviation Fuels, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 50, 109-114.
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The need for sustainable alternatives in aviation stimulated significant R&D effort both in Academia and industry. Today, the Advanced Biofuel which is largely dominating the scene is represented by Hydrotreated Vegetable Oils (also called Hydrotreated Esters and Fatty Acids): however, the lipid feedstock necessary for this process still represent a considerable limitations in the EU both from the sustainability/environmental and economic point of view. Thus, identifying solutions based on lignocellulosic or non-conventional feedstock is today a major target. The use of lignin-rich stream, the co-product of the lignocellulosic ethanol chain, is among possible lignocellulosic routes to paraffinic fuels. This particular pathway would greatly benefit from the recent industrial development (at large demo industrial scale) of the lignocellulosic ethanol complexes, and would represent a very first and innovative integration of biochemical processes and thermochemical/chemical ones at the same site. The present work introduces this advanced biofuel route, and the related demonstration project EC FP7 BIOREFLY. Advantages and critical issues from the proposed biofuel chain are identified and discussed. Major process development steps and technical status are reported.
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