Use of Two-stage Pyrolysis for Bio-waste Recycling
Kosov, V.
Lavrenov, V.
Larina, O.
Zaichenko, V.
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Kosov V., Lavrenov V., Larina O., Zaichenko V., 2016, Use of Two-stage Pyrolysis for Bio-waste Recycling, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 50, 151-156.
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Currently a problem of human and animal bio-waste recycling is one of the immediate. This interest is explained by an environmental damage that bio-waste get to environment and by absence of areas for its disposal. The method of problem solution of sewage sludge and chicken litter utilization is considered. The method of two-stage pyrolysis is presented. It allows to get a gas fuel from there with calorific value more than10 MJ/m3.
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