Effect of an Upstream Unconnected Bulge on Film Cooling
Li, Q.
Wang, J.
Min, C.
Tian, K.
Tian, L.
Sunden, B.
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Li Q., Wang J., Min C., Tian K., Tian L., Sunden B., 2017, Effect of an Upstream Unconnected Bulge on Film Cooling , Chemical Engineering Transactions, 61, 223-228.
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Film cooling technology is commonly used in a cooling system of gas turbines. For different upstream bulge configurations, the unconnected and connected configurations were used to investigate the film cooling effectiveness and downstream dimensionless temperature distributions in this paper. Moreover, the effect of the blowing ratio was analyzed by using the computational fluid mechanics. The results show that a bulge configuration located upstream the film hole shows more uniform film cooling effectiveness, resulting in an enhancement of the lateral cooling effectiveness. The film cooling effectiveness for the unconnected bulge configuration slightly decreases along the centerline.
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