Odour Measurements at Different Methanisation Sites
Bayle, Sandrine
Cadiere, Axelle
Cariou, Stephane
Despres, Jean-Francois
Fages, Marion
Roig, Benoit
Sellier, Amelie
Fanlo, Jean-Louis
Chaignaud, Mathilde
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Bayle S., Cadiere A., Cariou S., Despres J.-F., Fages M., Roig B., Sellier A., Fanlo J.-L., Chaignaud M., 2018, Odour Measurements at Different Methanisation Sites, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 68, 79-84.
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The number of methanisation production sites increase in Europe. However, the installation of a new site sometimes creates problems with the neighborhood of the sites. The main concern is odours. To respond to these fears, the odour levels emitted by 3 biogas production plants were measured. In order to study the methanisation diversity, different waste treatment plants have been monitored. The waste came from farming (manure, slurry), WWTP sludge, or agro-food were compared. For each plant, 5 sources were investigated. A one year survey indicates that odour emissions changed according to the season. For each site, the main potential odour annoyance impact comes from the input preparation area.
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