The GX Fiber Bed – A Novel Mist Eliminator with Improved Aerosol Removal Performances
Del Ministro, Carlotta
Bosio, Federica
Spreafico, Stefano
Brunazzi, Elisabetta
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Del Ministro C., Bosio F., Spreafico S., Brunazzi E., 2018, The GX Fiber Bed – A Novel Mist Eliminator with Improved Aerosol Removal Performances, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 69, 811-816.
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Undesired aerosol formation in gas–liquid contact devices like for instance absorbers, quench coolers, or condensers, causes severe complications in industrial processes. Gas-liquid coalescing filter media, normally called fiber beds or candles filters, have received great attention in a wide variety of industrial applications, being a removal technology with one of the highest achievable droplet removal efficiency for submicron particles. This work deals with a novel multi-layer fiber bed, the GX mist eliminator, developed by AWS Corporation srl with improved performances compared to the conventional single-layer fiber bed commercialized by the Company. The novel fiber bed was conceived by means of a developed design model that takes into account constructional and operating parameters. The model was validated by experiments carried out on a lab scale unit. The performances of the novel fiber bed were then validated by experiments carried out in a pilot plant installed on a production line with plasticizer oil mist. For the laboratory scale the same oil was used to measure the separation efficiency and the pressure drop.
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