Studies on Liquid Flow through the Model of the Crystallizer Segment
Suchecki, Witold
Trafczynski, Marian
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Suchecki W., Trafczynski M., 2018, Studies on Liquid Flow through the Model of the Crystallizer Segment , Chemical Engineering Transactions, 70, 1339-1344.
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In the sugar industry, in the process of crystallizing the suspension of the afterproduct (crystals III), among others cooling crystallizers with vertically moving tubular cooling elements are utilized. According to the designers and users, in this crystallizer type there is potential for heat transfer intensification leading to a significant reduction of the apparatus dimensions. Liquid flow through the model of a single tubular segment (part of the moving cooling element) of the cooling crystallizer was studied. An experimental model of the crystallizer segment was built. The model was utilized for the experimental research on liquid flow, conducted in parallel with the simulation of the segment operation. The method of digital particle image velocimetry was applied to analyze the experimental flow. The experimental results enabled verification of the assumptions of the numerical model based on CFD code Fluent. The finite volume method was applied in the numerical simulation. The results of experimental research and of numerical simulations were presented to improve understanding of physical conditions that promote or disturb homogenous velocity distribution of the liquid flowing around the segment of the crystallizer model.
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