Development of Multivariate Framework for Lean and Green Process
Leong, Wei Dong
Lam, Hon Loong
Tan, Chee Pin
Ponnambalam, S G
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Leong W.D., Lam H.L., Tan C.P., Ponnambalam S.G., 2018, Development of Multivariate Framework for Lean and Green Process , Chemical Engineering Transactions, 70, 2191-2196.
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The supply and demand on manufacturing industry has always been contributing significantly towards global economic growth. With the criticality of global warming and climate change, the manufacturing industry has suffered from being accused as the main contributor to environmental pollution. The volatility of global economic and competition has also hit the manufacturing industry badly. The urge to shift the manufacturing industry towards lean and green paradigm is inevitable. A sustainable process is favourable to cope with global supply demand. Lean and green process can act as a strategy and solution for developing country to achieve sustainable manufacturing. The development of multivariate framework for lean and green process covers five major areas (e.g. manpower, machine, money, material and environment) that will enhance the industry to be more sustainable through lean and green approach. The multivariate framework aims to establish the relationship between five major areas to identify the potential debottlenecking possibilities. This framework evaluates the lean and green factor to form a balance solution to the operation. Lean and green framework is expected to act as an effective tool in assisting the industry to strive for greater sustainability.
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