Chemical Absorption and Mass Transfer of Greenhouse Gas Carbon Dioxide
Geng, Shigang
Meng, Weidong
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Geng S., Meng W., 2018, Chemical Absorption and Mass Transfer of Greenhouse Gas Carbon Dioxide, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 71, 1-6.
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The findings regarding CO2 emissions and efficient absorption of CO2 have important implications for controlling the greenhouse effect. This paper describes the preparation of a mixture with mono ethanol amine (MEA) and N-methyldiethanolamine (MDEA) for chemical adsorption of CO2. This study involves the concentration of mixed MEA/N-MDEA solution and how the mass transfer property of chemical reactions is subject to gas and liquid flows. The findings suggest that the mass transfer and volumetric mass transfer coefficients significantly increase when the liquid flow accumulates, while lets up when the gas flow builds up. If the concentration of MEA climbs up, chemical absorption rate of CO2 will show a significant boost; while it bumps up a little if the concentration of N-MDEA increases. Here, the Ha quasi-number is introduced into the formula for calculating CO2 absorption volume mass transfer coefficient. The test comparison results show that the average error of the proposed prediction model is only 8.5%, so that it has a better prediction effect. This study provides the clues to chemical absorption of CO2.
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