Feasibility Evaluation of Chemical Waste Classification
Zhang, Liyong
Wang, Junsheng
Zhang, Xiaoyan
Jia, Zanli
Guo, Hua
Liu, Junliang
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Zhang L., Wang J., Zhang X., Jia Z., Guo H., Liu J., 2018, Feasibility Evaluation of Chemical Waste Classification, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 71, 235-240.
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Chemical waste classification is an important part for realizing effective decrement and reclamation, as one of the effective ways to improve the safety control of chemical waste. From analyzing the harm consequences of chemical wastes, we build a chemical waste classification evaluation indicator system that integrates four elements: the types of chemical waste, the identity and the gender of classification bodies, the requirements of competent authorities. The Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) is used to determine the weight of each indicator, and based on the scores marked by experts, a fuzzy evaluation is performed on determining whether chemical waste classification is feasible. The results show that it is feasible to implement chemical waste classification. There are some factors affecting the classification efficiency such as mandatory requirements of the competent authorities, the identities of classification bodies and the types of chemical waste.
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