Experimental Analysis of Inclined Solar Water Heater with Baffles
Taamneh, Yazan
Muthumanokar, Athikesevan
Kabeel, Abd Elnaby
El-Agouz, El-Sayed
Sathyamurthy, Ravishankar
Nakkad, Prakash
Chandran, Prasad
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Taamneh Y., Muthumanokar A., Kabeel A.E., El-Agouz E.-S., Sathyamurthy R., Nakkad P., Chandran P., 2018, Experimental Analysis of Inclined Solar Water Heater with Baffles, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 71, 1339-1344.
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This work presents the experimental analysis of solar water heater using baffles and flat absorber. Experiments are conducted with different water flow rates of water inside the baffled basin with the flat absorber. A flow rate of water was increased by 2, 4, and 8 times that an initial mass flow rate of water. Experimental results show that the water temperature is higher in the case of a water heater with baffles as compared to flat plate absorber. The maximum water temperature with minimum and maximum flow rates were found to be 65 C and 53 C, respectively with baffles held as path deviator. Also, the exit temperature of water depends on the solar intensity, absorber temperature and ambient condition.
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